WeChat spy helps you to spy on WeChat sent and received messages remotely.


Download and view all the photos that are shared on WeChat and gets stored on the targeted device.


WeChat calls record all the calls that are taking place over WeChat, You can download and listen it whenever you want.

View WeChat Messages with Free WeChat Tracker

WeChat is one of the most popular messaging application for sharing photos, videos etc. It is widely used for making text and call conversations. Are your children using WeChat app on their smartphone then, track their entire WeChat conversations remotely with the SpyHuman FREE Mobile Tracker. You can also track other social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO etc

The SpyHuman is an efficient tool that allows you to monitor your children’s online activity or your employee’s activities during working hours. SpyHuman application provides you to spy on personal or professional life’s activities associated with the targeted phone like

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Being a parent, it is very important to get control over your children’s online activities like WeChat, Facebook etc. or being an employer you should know, how are your employees interacting with other people? Are they sharing sensitive information? Are they really working during working hour?

In the above cases, it is quite acceptable to spy on their social activities, especially on WeChat. The SpyHuman lets you get spy all the WeChat activities on the targeted phone with It’s WeChat Hacker Feature. You can easily read all the WeChat conversations still if it gets deleted by your children or employees. Get full details with date & time and senders/receivers mobile numbers. WeChat tracker allow you to view the entire media share or save on the targeted phones like photos, videos, audios, and documents

How Useful WeChat tracker feature with Free Phone Tracker | SpyHuman?

  • Get the entire WeChat conversations

  • Get access over media sharing on WeChat like photos, videos, documents, and audios

  • Get the full details of mobile numbers and name of people with whom your children have been chatting

  • Get full control over your employee’s activities during working hour

Spy On WeChat Messages | Social Media Message Tracking